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"Proficiency in negotiating and interviewing clients cannot be adequately gauged by tests or by having students write about these tasks. Sound assessment must include an evaluation
of students actually performing such tasks."

-- Educating Lawyers: Preparation for the Profession of Law ("The Carnegie study")

Learn more about how MediaNotes can improve skills learning at your school.


MediaNotes makes it possible to assess student skills performance rigorously and objectively. It's software that lets you watch a video-recorded practice session, pinpoint specific moments, and annotate and tag these segments to sharpen student practice. MediaNotes lets you do for video what the red pen does for papers.

MediaNotes does more than let you take notes on video: it also facilitates rapid reviewing of others' comments -- saving time for instructors and students alike

Use MediaNotes to let students review their own simulation performance, actual clinical practice, or pre-recorded video examples.

Mark up videos


When watching a video in MediaNotes, you can add an event -- basically, something worth noting -- to any point on the video's timeline. Type your feedback into the text area, and MediaNotes will keep it neatly organized amongst other comments.

Your initials appear next to your own comments. This allows multiple individuals to provide feedback on a student's performance.


In addition to commenting with free text, you can also tag video events to identify specific skills using a controlled vocabulary. Using a controlled vocabulary enables instructors to focus students on the core learning objectives. For example, the tags may distinguish between "open-ended question " and "leading question" for teaching interviewing or direct examination.

You don't have to use tags to get value out of MediaNotes, but if you do, CALI will make it easy for you to share tagsets with your peers teaching in similar areas.

Review videos

Jump to events

MediaNotes lets you jump straight to an event that someone has created on the timeline, saving significant time and aggravation. Just click on the event, and the video will go directly to that segment of the video. No more writing down the time and then clicking around in frustration trying to find the right point on the timeline.

Filter by reviewer and tag

MediaNotes lets you filter events by who wrote them and what they've been tagged with. A student zooming in on feedback from his professor can choose to view only those events where she has made a comment. An instructor can spot-check for understanding by looking only at events tagged "open question" to see that they are correctly identified.

Additional Features

Watch a screencast about MediaNotes features.