Presentation/Discussion w/Lewis & Clark Law Faculty/John Mayer

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 15:00 to 17:00

Why Open Casebooks are the Future of Legal Education

... and some other cool things from CALI


John Mayer

Executive Director

@johnpmayer - follow me!

Open Casebooks are not just a way to save students some money - they are an improvement in the business model of how a core function of legal education - course materials - are created, shared and updated.  Open Casebooks are high quality, rigorously edited and better than casebooks provided by traditional casebook publishers (TCPs).  I will make the case that it is vital that law faculty re-capture the production of this core resource of legal education.  I will further posit that this is an improvement over the current TCP business model with benefits for law schools as institutions, law faculty and their joy of teaching and, of course, law students.  

If there is time, I will also briefly talk about other CALI resources like our 1000+ interactive tutorials, free software to create formative assessments and our newest lessons in Law School Study Skills.  

Join John Mayer, CALI's Executive Director in a lively talk and discussion.