How do I know I am working on a CALI LessonLink Lesson?

A CALI LessonLink Lesson will appear exactly like a regular CALI Lesson. That's because it is one!  It just have a special URL that allows your professor to track your score and performance. There are a few ways to tell if you are taking one.

  1. When you are running a CALI Lesson look for the LessonLink logo and your professor's name in the upper left of the Lesson viewer.
  2. You are sent to a CALI Courses page with several lessons listed. It will have "courses" in the URL and the CALI Lessons listed will have "LessonLink" in their URL.
  3. The URL of the CALI Lesson that your professor gives to you has the word LessonLink in it.
  4. When you view your "My Lesson Runs" dashboard, your professor's name will appear in the "professor" column. If it's a regular CALI Lesson, this column will be blank.

If you are not seeing any of these indicators then you are not using a LessonLink and you should contact your professor to get the correct information.