Can faculty view student scores and performance on CALI Lessons?

Generally speaking, faculty are unable to view student performance on CALI Lessons. There are three exceptions:

  1. Students provide the faculty member with a printed or digital version of the certificate that appears at the end of Lessons. This will provide only the score for the Lesson.
  2. The faculty member creates a LessonLink and can view the scores and question by question performance directly via the "Current LessonLinks" tab for LessonLinks created that semester, provided that they are logged in with the faculty account that created the LessonLink.
  3. The faculty member creates a QuizWright quiz or uses CALI Author to create a self-published lesson and can view student scores and question by question performance via the "My CALI Library" link from the CALI Dashboard menu.

For information please visit the FAQs on LessonLink, QuizWright, and self-published lessons.