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How do I join CALI?

CALI membership is open to schools, organizations and individuals that wish to learn or teach law.

We'd be happy to meet with you, your faculty, or your adminstration about joining CALI - in person, via teleconference or online. And Ronella Norris, our Membership Coordinator, is here to answer all of your questions. Talk to your school's administration and tell them to contact us.

Membership application forms are also available for the following:

Law Schools Outside of the United States
Business Schools
Other Non-JD programs:

  • Paralegal Programs
  • Legal Studies Departments
  • Political Science Programs
  • Criminal Justice Programs
  • Any other academic Undergraduate or Graduate Department that wants to learn the law.

Law Firms
Corporate Law Departments
Government Agencies
Legal Aid Organizations
Library Schools
State and County Law Librarians

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