How do I get started with CALI Lawbooks?

  1. Make sure you have a valid CALI account.
  1. Visit, scroll to the bottom and log in with your CALI account information.
  1. Once logged in you are taken to your Lawbooks profile page. From here you can create your new book or manage existing books.
  1. Before getting started take a few minutes to review the info on the profile page and add any additional information you'd like.
  1. In the upper left under My Catalog select Add a New Book to create a new book.  
  1. Fill out the form to create a new book. 
  1. For the site domain, keep it short, letters and numbers, no spaces or special characters. We recommend something like lastnametopic to keep it simple and easy to type.
  1. For site title feel free to use the full title of the book.
  1. Set the privacy option to no while you are working on the book. You'll be able to change this later.
  1. Hit the create site button to create the new book.
  1. Your book is created and you are taken to the dashboard for the book, all ready for you to start adding content.
  1. In the new book's dashboard click on Appearance and set the active theme to Open Textbooks if it isn't already set. Using the Open Textbook theme activates a number of useful features in Lawbooks.
  1. Click on Text to open the Organize page and delete the sample content that was created
  1. This will reduce confusion later