How do I add a co-author, editor, contributor, etc. to my book?

CALI Lawbooks allows you to collaborate with people in various rolls while writing your book. The editor, author, contributor roles allow you to add people to help it the various aspects of creating your work. The subscriber role lets people in to read and comment on the work even if it has not been published yet. 
To add a collaborator to your book follow these steps:
  1. Make sure the person has an active CALI account. This is important since the system uses CALI accounts for log ins.
  1. Have the person visit and login. This gets them into the Lawbooks system so you can add them to your book.
  1. Make sure you have the email address associated with the account you are going to add to your site.
  1. Login to your book and go to the dashboard.
  1. Select "Users" and "Add New" from the left hand menu.
  1. Under  "Add Existing User" enter the person email address that is associated with their CALI account, select the role you would like them to have and click the button.
  1. This sends an email to your new collaborator. They should click on the link in the email to activate the Lawbooks account. 
  1. Note the email may end up in a spam folder, so if it doesn't show up in a few minutes, make sure they check there.