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Preparing for Your First Semester of Law School

Professors Brown and Grohman, are the authors of many CALI lessons. Additionally, both teach 1L courses. In this podcast they share their experiences and insights on time management issues for law school students, preparing for class, how to brief a case, research tips applicable for 1L writing assignments (and the eventual practice of law), how to develop an understanding of the law, and techniques and tips for studying and preparing for the final exam.

In this podcast Professors Grohman and Brown mention several additional resources students may want to review. They are:

  1. Joe Landsberger's website: www.studygs.net/schedule - (Note from CALI: This link is broken. July 2020)
  2. Cornell University:'s list of study resources:  https://lsc.cornell.edu/study-skills-peer-tutoring-open-consultation-hours/
  3. Dennis Tonsing, 1000 Days to the Bar (Hein & Co., Inc. 2003). Available at Amazon.com

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