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Searches and Seizures with a Warrant: Execution of the Warrant

This third lesson in a three lesson set on warrants addresses execution of warrants. Two separate lessons, "Searches and Seizures with Warrants: Issuance of the Warrant 1" and "Searches and Seizures with Warrants: Issuance of the Warrant 2," cover the rules for issuing warrants and the use of these rules with an application for a search warrant and a search warrant. This third lesson treats what happens when police obtain a warrant. It examines the knock & announce requirement, the proper time and method of entry, and the property subject to search under a search warrant. The lesson provides illustrative warrants and affidavits with which you can explore the concepts of curtilage, plain view, staleness, the permissible scope and intensity of a search under a warrant, protective sweeps and searches and seizures of persons on premises where warrants are executed. It also briefly treats the degree to which searches can affect constitutional rights other than the Fourth Amendment.

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