Rebecca S. Trammell

Dr. Trammell served as a reference librarian at Northern Illinois University College of law, Associate Director of the Law Library at the University of Nebraska (go Cornhuskers), and as Law Library Director and Associate Professor of Law at both the Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law, Barry University, and the University of Kentucky School of Law. She served as Professor of Law at Stetson University’s College of Law.

Dr. Trammell holds a Ph.D. in Computing Technology in education. She has been active in distance and online learning throughout her career as evidenced by the title of her dissertation, “Technology and Legal Research: What is Taught and what is used in Practice.” While at Stetson she taught both online and classroom courses including Cyberlaw and Feminist Jurisprudence. She has taught American Legal History and includes “Orphan Train Myths and Legal Reality” as one of her favorite publications. She is currently working on a book project focusing on the American colonies’ transition from colony to state during and following the American Revolution.

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