Cori Menkin

Cori Menkin joined the ASPCA in 2002 and is currently Senior Director of the Puppy Mills Campaign for the ASPCA’s Anti-Cruelty team, where she oversees the ASPCA’s efforts to tackle puppy mills on both the state and national levels while maintaining our mission to raise awareness and educate the public. Cori has been active in drafting and promoting legislation that would strengthen regulations and raise the minimum standard of care for dogs in puppy mills. In 2010, she worked to pass a puppy mill-related ballot initiative in Missouri and also spearheaded the effort to pass strong puppy mill legislation in Pennsylvania, which was signed into law in October 2008. Cori Menkin is a member of the New York Bar. She received a B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Sociology and a certificate in Criminology from Rutgers University, where she graduated in 1998 magna cum laude. She received a J.D. and a certificate in Environmental Law from Pace University School of Law in White Plains, New York in 2001, where she graduated cum laude.

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Puppy Mills and the Animal Welfare Act August 27, 2018