Steve Bradford

Professor Bradford teaches primarily securities regulation and business associations courses. He is the co-author of an introductory book on accounting, Basic Accounting Principles for Lawyers and numerous articles on securities regulation and regulatory exemptions. He also has a strong interest in legal humor and has authored several humorous law review articles, some of them intentionally humorous. Professor Bradford is a member of the CALI Editorial Board, and was a CALI Business Organizations fellow. Professor Bradford received his B.S. degree (summa cum laude) from Utah State in 1978, and a M.P.P. and J.D. (magna cum laude) from Harvard University in 1982. Prior to teaching at Nebraska, he worked for the law firm of Jenkens & Gilchrist in Dallas.

CALI Lessons

Lesson Title CALI Topic(s)
Accounting for Contingencies
Business Financing and the Federal Securities Laws
Corporate Distributions
Free Writing Prospectuses Under Rule 433
An Introduction to Depreciation
An Introduction to the Federal Crowdfunding Exemption: Part 1
An Introduction to the Federal Crowdfunding Exemption: Part 2
Inventory and the Cost of Goods Sold
Inventory: The Lower-of-Cost-or-Market Rule
Judicial Review of Directors' Conflicting Interest Transactions
Lawyers' Responses to Audit Inquiries
Methods of Depreciation
Partnership Dissociation
Partnership: Dissolution and the Article 7 Buyout Obligation
Partnership: Winding Up, Partnership Accounts, and Distribution of Profits and Losses
Regulation D: The Rule 504 Exemption
Regulation D: The Rule 506(b) and 506(c) Exemptions
Resales of Securities Under Rule 144
Rule 701 and Compensatory Benefit Plans
Section 11 of the Securities Act - Part 1: Basic Requirements