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Using your casebook to find a CALI Lesson

Law students, have you ever been lost after having just read something in your casebook? Wish you had an easy way to find the CALI Lesson that covers what you just read? Well, stop wishing; that's actually a thing. For some casebooks, we can tell you which lessons match up with specific sections of the casebook.

  • Search CALI Lessons by casebook and you'll get a list of the subjects that have casebooks we have matched up with our CALI Lesson library.
  • Click the legal subject you're looking for, and you'll get a list of some of the most popular casebooks in that subject.
  • Once you find your casebook, click it, and you'll see a list of pages in that casebook along with links to the specific CALI lessons that complement the subjects covered in that part of the book.

Over the summer we added another 22 Lexis casebooks to our growing list, so have a look and see if your casebook is among those for which we offer casebook correlations.