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New CALI Podcast – Priority Between a Secured Party and a Party with a Lien: Discussions in Secured Transactions

New CALI Podcast Available to share with your students

This podcast by Professor Scott J. Burnham discusses the priority between a secured party and a party with a lien, including a judicial lien creditor, a creditor with a lien arising by operation of law, a creditor with an agricultural lien, and the IRS with a tax lien. The podcast discusses the relationship between Bankruptcy Code § 544(a), often referred to as “the strong arm clause,” and a PMSI (Purchase Money Security Interest).

New CALI Podcast – Classification of Collateral I: Discussions in Secured Transactions

This is the first of two podcasts by Professor Jennifer S. Martin that describe the process by which a creditor identifies collateral subject to a security interest under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. This podcast focuses primarily on descriptions of tangible personal property, including the descriptions used in a security agreement, and walks the listener through a series of examples. Classifications of collateral constituting intangible property are left for another podcast.