QuizWright gets a Question Bank

We’ve added a Question Bank feature to CALI QuizWright®, our formative assessment system. The new feature uses multiple choice questions selected from CALI Contracts Lessons. The 150+ contracts questions are available to everyone who uses QuizWright. Over the course of the fall semester we plan on adding more questions, both in contracts and in other areas of the first year curriculum including torts and property.

With one click you can add questions from the public Question Bank to your personal question bank. You are free to edit your copy of a question, customizing it for your class. Questions can be added to as many quizzes as you’d like.

QuizWright Question Bank

QuizWright Question Bank

To get started faculty, law librarians, and staff at CALI member schools can log in to the CALI website and select QuizWright from the CALI Dashboard drop down menu. Once you’re in QuizWright click on Question Bank in the left hand menu. Clicking on the question in the list will show you details about the question including the answer choices, what CALI Lesson it came from, and who wrote the original question.

To add a question to your personal question bank click on the copy icon to the left of the question. The icon will change to a check mark indicating that you’ve successfully copied the question. To edit the copied question click on the My Questions link in the left hand menu. To use the copied questions in a quiz select Add a Quiz on the left and select the copied questions to include in a new quiz.

For more information please visit the about QuizWright page.

If you have any questions about QuizWright or the Question Bank feature just drop me an email: emasters AT cali.org