Tort Law: A 21st-Century Approach



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Tort Law: A 21st-Century Approach (TL21C) introduces students to tort law with a set of cases and methods that have been updated for 21st century legal education. Pairing classic cases with a host of recent, lesser-known cases, the casebook deliberately provides opportunities to engage with issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, class as well as fundamental questions of civil justice. The book’s introduction diverges from the standard method of teaching torts, by framing the subject matter in terms of the three primary regimes of tort law—negligence, strict liability and the intentional torts—and by setting the stakes for questions of policy from the outset.

This casebook offers a series of 7 modules, each with numerous “Check Your Understanding” questions that permit students to answer questions that help them assess and expand upon their learning in real time. These and a number of “Socratic Scripts” may also facilitate online or “hybrid” learning at a moment in which innovative approaches to teaching are more in demand or indeed, necessary.

415,439 Words, 749 Pages in PDF

Second Edition Published August 2022

This casebook is also available as a PDF, in Word (Second Edition only), and in print. The Lawbooks version has interactive questions embedded within the text. The PDF and Word versions include direct links to the interactive questions on the Lawbooks website.

A Teacher's Manual for faculty is in progress. 


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