Why don't LessonLinks work from inside of a Microsoft Word document?

LessonsLinks used in a Microsoft Word document may not work as expected and we recommend that you do not distribute them that way. When you use the <CTRL><Click> feature in Word the info that is sent to the web browser besides the link causes the web server to ignore any cookies that are set and that makes our site think that the students are not logged in. If they are not really logged they get the login form and can run the Lesson. If they are logged in to CALI, they get an error. This is known issue when linking to access controlled websites from inside of Word documents.

Students should be able to copy and paste the link from the Word document to the browser without any problem. We recommend providing students with the link to the list of LessonLinks that is created with each set of LessonLinks or posting the links on a CALI Classcaster course blog.