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Audiobook of Passing the Bar: A Quick Reference Guide For Today’s Law Student

This is the complete audiobook of the CALI eLangdell book, Passing the Bar: A Quick Reference Guide For Today’s Law Student (1st Edition), by Allie Robbins.

This book is designed to provide guidance to law students as they prepare to embark upon bar study. It covers topics such as how to make a study plan, strategies for successful bar study, tips for attacking each portion of the exam, taking care of your mental health, and preparing your loved ones for bar study. The book also provides weekly tips for use during the bar study period, and for exam day itself. The quick reference format allows students to easily access advice for whatever is most pressing to them at a particular moment.

This book provides a guide to bar exam preparation for all law students, but with a particular focus on those who aspire to be public interest or social justice attorneys, first-generation law students, those law students who do not come from families of lawyers, or who come from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the legal profession. While much of the advice is universal, this book focuses on those students who are about to enter bar study and will not see your communities – or your future clients – represented on the bar exam. You may have found that your law school colleagues have received advice about how to study and navigate law school, when no one was there to advise you. This book aims not just to level the playing field, but to give you an edge when it comes to studying for the bar exam.

The individual audiobook chapters are also available here

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