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The Geographic Scope of Trademark Protection

This program takes the student through the basics of a particular area of trademark law — the geographic scope of trademark protection. It includes the general common law principles as enunciated in early Supreme Court cases (Hanover, Rectanus) as well as zone of natural expansion. The program also contains complete coverage of Lanham Act principles including constructive notice, constructive use, section 33 and the limited area defense, concurrent use, and the need for confusion (Dawn Donut). The lesson uses a generally interactive format; the student frequently must answer questions requiring the use of relevant statutory language (which is included in the program) as well as major cases. Graphics, such as maps, pictures and time lines are used throughout the lesson to illustrate and enhance the understanding of the issues presented. This program can be used to teach the basic principles, and can provide a comprehensive review of the area. It is not tied to any particular book.

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