David S. Welkowitz

Professor Welkowitz joined the Whittier faculty in 1983. Prior to that time, he practiced law as a litigation associate with Stroock & Stroock & Lavan in New York. At Whittier, he has taught numerous courses, to first-years and upper-level students alike. His primary teaching emphases have been Civil Procedure and intellectual property, particularly Trademark law. He has also created more than a dozen lessons for the Center for Automated Legal Instruction (CALI) in Civil Procedure, Trademarks, and Copyright. He was a CALI Fellow in Trademarks in 2003 and a CALI Fellow in Copyright in 2004. From 2006-2009, he served as the Director of the Whittier Law School Center for Intellectual Property Law. His scholarship has ranged from topics in Civil Procedure to various intellectual property issues, both domestic and international. He is the author of a treatise on Trademark Dilution law and a co-author of a casebook on Rights of Publicity. His articles have been cited by courts, treatise writers in both Civil Procedure and Trademarks, and numerous articles.​

CALI Lessons

Lesson Title CALI Topic(s)
Class Action Basics
Copyright Formalities: Notice and Registration
Copyrights in Sound Recordings
European Union Trademark Basics
Forum Non Conveniens and Transfer of Venue
The Geographic Scope of Trademark Protection
An Interpleader Primer
Joinder of Claims and Parties
Likelihood of Confusion
Registration and Section 44
A Review of Joinder Concepts
Rule 11 and Ethical Pleading
Summary Judgment under Rule 56
Trademark Dilution: Defenses and Remedies
Trademark Dilution: Defining Dilution and its Elements
Trademark Dilution: What Marks are Eligible for Protection
Trademarks in the European Union: Advanced Topics