Upcoming Webinars: CALI Lesson Advanced User Features & Authoring Lessons

The next two webinars will be a series presented by Deb Quentel, CALI's Director of Curriculum Development...

1) Tools for Professors Using CALI Lessons (Friday, April 24, 3 PM EST)

Learn two tools for professors using CALI Lessons:

LessonLink - Create a unique URL for a specific CALI Lesson. Then track who has taken that lesson through that URL and the lesson-takers' scores.

Webinar Video: MediaNotes Software

Video of the webinar on MediaNotes video annotation software is now available.

MediaNotes is a video annotating software that is great for evaluating student performances.

In a legal education setting, MediaNotes is great for feedback and evaluation of student skills in settings such as mock trial, oral arguments, interviewing, and negotion.

University of Iowa Student Blogger Highlights CALI

CALI would like to thank Laura Bergus, for highlighting CALI in a recent blog post.

Laura is a student at University of Iowa College of Law who is trying to help her school develop a social media best practices. We're very supportive of her effort to bring a positive change to her law school and hope that it is successful.

Alternative Online Tools for Professors in the Classroom

In the previous webinar, CALI went over two tools that professors can freely use to engage students in a positive way using laptops in the classroom: Google Moderator and CALI InstaPoll.

For those of you interested in alternative tools with slightly different features check out these two tools:

Don't Forget Tomorrow's Webinar: Online Tools for Engaging Students

Click here to see who's using one of the tools we cover in webinar tomorrow.


This webinar will give a quick overview of a few free online tools like Google Moderator as well as other group question tools and CALI's very own Instapoll.

Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar Seat Now at:


CALI DVD Recycling Program

CALI sends out, literally, thousands of DVD's, every Fall; enough for all member law school's entire student body. We hope each school can distribute each and every disc to a student or faculty member, but we realize this may be impossible for some schools.

So to reduce environmental impact, CALI will pay for the recycling of leftover discs (up to 2 boxes, 20 lbs each).