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Don't Forget: Friday Online Presentation - Intro to Legal Education Commons

Spots are filling up fast, but you can still sign up for Friday's webinar on the Legal Education Commons:

CALI Webinar: Legal Education Commons - Friday, Feb 27, 3:00-3:30pm EDT (2:00 CST)

Gene Koo, CALI/Berkman Fellow, will be introducting the Commons and answering your questions.

Sign up for the First Free CALI Webinar: Legal Education Commons

Every couple of weeks, CALI will host a free online presentation on a subject related to technology and innovation in legal education aimed at law school faculty and staff!

We will focus on "how-to" introductory topics with the hope that you will learn something you can immediately apply. Attendee interaction during and after the presentation are encouraged.

This and next week's topic is an introduction to the Legal Education Commons.

CALI Tools for Law Faculty in 15 Minutes (AALS Presentation)

I (John Mayer) gave a talk at AALS in San Diego during the "Redefining Legal Education" session.  I have posted the talk as a screencast here.  I was a little rushed for time and so covered a lot of ground in just 15 minutes, but I did receive a lot of positive feedback from the attendees.