Commercial Transactions

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Battle of the Forms (UCC 2-207)

This lesson deals with the problem created by the Battle of the Forms. At common law, the mirror image rule requires an acceptance to be exactly like the offer. The rule is reversed under the Uniform Commercial Code, however. Under UCC § 2-207, an acceptance is still an acceptance even though it states different or additional terms from the offer. This lesson will explore the effect of such different or additional terms and when they are operative.

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CANINE: The Complete Article Nine (2011 Edition)

CANINE (The Complete Article Nine) is a unique set of learning materials designed to assist both law students and lawyers to be effective Article 9 practitioners. It consists of a comprehensive collection of text and interactive problems modeled after a conventional casebook or treatise.

Download the text and problems: DOWNLOAD.

Download a printable PDF of the book chapters (excludes the problems): PDF.

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New Ranch: Perfecting a Security Interest

The New Ranch lesson is the successor to the Ranch lesson. As with the Ranch, the New Ranch lesson leads students through the steps necessary to perfecting a security interest under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in a multi-state contact situation. The exercise also assists students to understand many other provisions of Article 9, including those dealing with classification of collateral and those governing the place of filing within a particular state.

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CANINE: Article Nine Problems / Chapter 24 - Continuing Perfection -- Changes as to the Use of the Collateral or in the Location of the Collateral or the Debtor and Security Interests in Proceeds

These interactive problems are intended to be used with CANINE Chapter 24 (Continuous Perfection -- Changes as to the Use of the Collateral or the Location of the Collateral or the Debtor; Security Interests in Proceeds), but they also may be used alone.

To see the entire textbook - CANINE: Complete Article Nine, click here.