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2L-3L Upper Level Lesson Topics

Committed to Agency Discretion

This lesson deals with the "committed to agency discretion" exception to judicial review. Under the federal Administrative Procedure Act, courts tend to assume that administrative action is subject to review. However, there are several situations when courts will decline to exercise their review authority. One of those situations is the subject of this lesson: when administrative action has been committed to agency discretion by law.

Compensatory Damages: Terminologies and Basic Concepts

This is the first in a series of lessons on the topic of "Compensatory Damages." It is designed as an "Introduction" to the overall concept of "compensatory damages" as well as to the key terminologies that are typically associated with these types of damages. For beginning law students, this Lesson should be completed first, before proceeding to any other Lessons that address more complex damages issues, as it contains a thorough presentation of the various terminologies and concepts that are unique to this specialized area of the law.

The Concept of Gross Income

This lesson will introduce you to the concept of Gross Income, usually the first concept students encounter in their study of the Federal income tax system. This lesson will also discuss certain exclusions, deductions and other concepts encountered in the calculation of Gross Income. This lesson will be useful to the novice student as it introduces the student to the typical analysis tax lawyers engage in.

Consent Searches

This lesson explores some of the rules surrounding police searches based on a citizen's consent. Students will be able to critically examine the law and the policies that permit consent searches under certain circumstances.