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Federal Rule 801(d) and Multiple Hearsay

This exercise is the counterpart of The Definition of Hearsay and the Federal Rules, which covers the definition of hearsay under Federal Rules of Evidence 801(a)-(c). The new exercise includes graphic reviews of each subsection of 801(d), and graphic illustrations of multiple hearsay, as well as interactive flowcharts for the subsections of 801(d). The program lends itself to use by students who either (i) want a relatively quick-review, with detailed work limited to those issues they find troublesome or (ii) want to review each relevant section of the rules in some detail. Those who wish to use the exercise to check their knowledge, and review only troublesome sections in detail, should follow the relevant strategies outlined in the READ ME section of the exercise. Students who wish to review 801(d) or multiple hearsay (Rule 805) in detail, will find a series of problems on each subsection of 801(d) and on 805, and review questions.

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