Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos

Professor Georgakopoulos produces scholarship in the intersection of business and uncertainty. He is the author of The Logic of Securities Law (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press); Principles and Methods of Law and Economics (Cambridge Univ. Press. 2005), a coauthor of the multi-volume Blumberg on Corporate Groups, and numerous articles that have received broad citation, including by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

He is active in the American Law Institute, the American Law & Economics Association, and the European Association of Law & Economics. He is also a founding member of the Midwestern Law & Economics Association and has served as an adviser to the Capital Markets Commission of Greece.


CALI Lessons

Lesson Title CALI Topic(s)
The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Coase's Irrelevance 'Theorem'
Equitable Elimination of Entity Separation: Veil Piercing, Lender Liability, Equitable Consolidation
Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy
Fiduciary Duties: Meinhard v. Salmon
Fraudulent Transfers I - Types
Fraudulent Transfers II - Defenses
Fraudulent Transfers III - Leveraged Buyouts
Introduction to Accounting
Probability Theory 1: Descriptors and Conditional Probability
Probability Theory 2: Distributions, Bayes, Central Limit
The Registration Process - Part 1: Offers
The Registration Process - Part 2: Prospectus & Effectiveness
Tort in Agency : (a) Independent Contractor (b) Scope of Authority
Valuation: Basic Skills