Nicholas L. Georgakopoulos

CALI Lessons

Lesson Title CALI Topic(s)
The Capital Asset Pricing Model
Coase's Irrelevance 'Theorem'
Equitable Elimination of Entity Separation: Veil Piercing, Lender Liability, Equitable Consolidation
Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy
Fiduciary Duties: Meinhard v. Salmon
Fraudulent Transfers I - Types
Fraudulent Transfers II - Defenses
Fraudulent Transfers III - Leveraged Buyouts
Introduction to Accounting
Probability Theory 1: Descriptors and Conditional Probability
Probability Theory 2: Distributions, Bayes, Central Limit
The Registration Process - Part 1: Offers
The Registration Process - Part 2: Prospectus & Effectiveness
Tort in Agency : (a) Independent Contractor (b) Scope of Authority
Valuation: Basic Skills