John A. Humbach

Professor Humbach’s teaching specialty has been in the property law area for over 30 years. He also teaches courses in legal ethics, criminal law and the First Amendment. Before entering law teaching in 1971, Professor Humbach practiced corporate and securities law for five years in New York City. He has authored a number of articles in property law areas such as landlord-tenant and the takings clause of the Constitution, as well as computer-assisted instruction programs for first-year law students. He also the author of the book “Whose Monet? An Introduction to the American Legal System.”


CALI Lessons

Lesson Title CALI Topic(s)
Basic Future Interests
Lesson 1: Basic Future Interests: The Concept of "Future Interest"
Lesson 2: Basic Future Interests: The Defeasible Estates and Their Future Interests
Lesson 3: Basic Future Interests: Fee Simple Determinable (and Possibilities of Reverter)
Lesson 4: Basic Future Interests: Fee Simple on Condition Subsequent (and Rights of Re-entry)
Lesson 5: Basic Future Interests: Fee Simple On Executory Limitation (and Executory Interests)
Lesson 6: Basic Future Interests: Reversions
Lesson 7: Basic Future Interests: Remainders
Lesson 8: Basic Future Interests: Kinds of Vested and Contingent Remainders
Lesson 9: Basic Future Interests: Executory Interests
Lesson 10: Basic Future Interests: Identifying Remainders and Executory Interests
The Estate System
The Estate System: A Review
The Pre-Existing Duty Rule, Contract Modification, and Accord & Satisfaction
Problems in Property Law Series I
Problems in Property Law Series II
Problems in Property Law Series III