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Law Librarian Conversations Crew at CALI's AALL booth

You can find CALI at AALL's conference next week. Booth 709 of the exhibit hall, to be exact. If you're a fan of Law Librarian Conversations podcasts hosted by University of Nebraska Law Library's Richard Leiter and Marcia Dority-Baker, you will be able to meet them and many of their regular panelists in person at CALI's booth.

The LawLibCon crew is scheduled to be in the CALI booth Sunday from 2 to 3 PM, for more of a meet and greet, then on Tuesday from around 12 noon to 3 PM. Though they may be a bit preoccupied recording a show on Tuesday, you're still welcome to stop by; and they may even pull you in for your take on the meeting for the podcast.

Connie Crosby, one of the regular LawLibCon panelists has a nice roundup on Slaw blog with a link to the most recent LawLibCon podcast previewing the AALL meeting.

Welcome to CALI, UC - Irvine Law

We're happy to announce a new CALI member law school. We'd like to welcome University of California - Irvine School of Law, a new public law school that just opened its doors in Fall 2009.

They're joining a consortium of over 210 US law schools (here's a list of all CALI member schools). Students and staff at UCI Law, like those at all member schools, will now have unlimited access to CALI Lessons.

Conference Season: Where You Can Find CALI

This is a busy time for us here at CALI. It's definitely the conference season for us.

So we hope to see you soon this summer.

Law Profs: Join Us in Pioneering Digital Casebooks

We're making a big push to find law profs to write casebooks for eLangdell. eLangdell is our initiative to publish law school casebooks that are easy to share and can adapt to any format, including digital. After their proposal is accepted, we'll pay our casebook authors $500 for each chapter they write then publish their work; including make it available for any digital reading gadget you can think of. 

Here's a recent email invitation we sent out to many of the law profs we know. But just because you didn't get one doesn't mean you can't participate. Find out more details at

And, as promised, here's video of John's talk about the future of legal casebook publishing and eLangdell.

Deb, our Director of Curriculum Development, is the contact for this project so please submit your questions and proposals to her.


Coverage of Chicago Law.Gov Workshops

A couple Chicago newspapers had good write ups about Carl Malamud and the recent Law.Gov workshop at Chicago-Kent.

Here's Ameet Sachdev's Law.Gov article in the Chicago Tribune.

And we couldn't find Allison Petty's of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin coverage on the CDLB website, but you can read  her CDLB article that talks about the Chicago Law.Gov, eLangdell, and A2J Author (PDF) here.

And don't forget about the complete video Chicago Law.Gov video archive.

Thanks again to everyone who help make this workshop a success.

Chicago Law.Gov Workshop Program Details

The program details for the Chicago Law.Gov Workshop on May 21 are now available.

Date: May 21, 2010
Where: Chicago-Kent College of Law, Room 520
Registration: Free (here)
9:30 AM Coffee & breakfast provided

10:00 AM Welcome and Overview of Law.Gov

  • John Mayer, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
  • Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University
  • Carl Malamud, Public.Resource.Org

10:30 AM The Supreme Court of the United States

  • Jerry Goldman, Northwestern University
  • Lee Epstein, Northwestern University School of Law
  • Jeff Parsons, Oyez Project and Temple of Justice

11:30 AM The Business of Law

  • David Curle, Outsell

12:00 PM Lunch provided

1:00 Access to Justice

  • Ronald W. Staudt, Chicago-Kent College of Law

1:30 PM Open Law and Education

  • John Mayer, Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

2:00 PM National Inventory of Legal Materials

  • Matt Novak, University of Nebraska Law School Library
  • Susanna Leers, Pitt Law Library
  • Sarah Glassmeyer, Valparaiso Law Library
  • Stephanie Davidson, University of Illinois Law Library
  • Andrew Plumb-Larrick, Case Western Law Library

2:45 PM Concluding Remarks

3:00 PM End of Workshop

Here's the PDF.

Make Hotel Reservations for CALICon Soon

We have limited hotel rooms available at the CALI Conference group rate this year so we highly recommend that you make your hotel reservation now if you haven't yet.

More information:

Of course, if you haven't registered for the conference or submitted a session proposal yet, you will need to do that at the conference website. See you soon!

Suggestions for Refining Legal Research Skills Before Your Summer Job

ZiefBrief, USF's Law Library Blog, has a preparation suggestion for those of you who have clerkships, internships, and other law-related summer jobs: CALI Lessons.

If you will be doing legal research this summer, it's a good idea to boost your research skills before you start your summer job so that you can hit the ground running. CALI's online, interactive tutorials are a great way to improve your legal research skills.

Read the entire blog post to see which seven lessons they suggest.

Why are there random letters in the corner of my CALI Award?

Last month we sent out a bunch of CALI Excellence for the Future Award® certificates to our member law schools who will then pass them along to their top performers in each class. So congratulations to the latest CALI Award recipients.

And it is around this time when we get feedback from uptight especially observant law students asking for reprinted award certificates because of the seemingly incoherent letters printed on the bottom right of their awards.

The good news is, this isn't a printing error. It's a unique URL that links to a virtual version of your award. With your name on it and everything. Every award printed generates its own virtual award because we want to give you a way to link to your award through online biographies or resumes. See, we at CALI foresaw this death of paper-based communication thing a long time ago.

So go ahead, type yours into your web browser and see for yourself.

And don't forget, if you're on LinkedIn join the CALI Award winners group to get a badge for your LinkedIn profile.

Join a Conversation w/ Law Librarian of Congress Roberta Shaffer

Don't forget, Friday, March 19 at 2PM Central Law Librarian Conversations goes live with Roberta Shaffer, the Law Librarian of Congress.

So this is your last chance to reserve your spot to listen in online live.

That's the only way you'll be able to join the lawlibcon chatroom and participate.

As always, the Law Librarian Conversations live broadcast and podcast is a free service to you.

See you online at 2PM Central.

How do you like our new CALI Lesson posters?

Here is our new CALI Lesson poster in a printable 8.5 x 11 PDF version.

If you're a CALI Rep, you will be getting a tube package in the mail with 2 poster-sized versions. Want a poster-sized version and you're not your school's rep? Let us know. We will have extras to send.

Feel free to hand out the letter-sized version of the posters to your students or display the posters where students will see. And if you would like us to create a customized version of the PDF that includes your school's authorization code, also let us know.