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1L - First Year Lesson Topics


This lesson explores the cause of action of conversion as a means of compensation for intentional interferences with personal property. It will examine the several components of interest, invasion, conduct and remedy as the conceptual vehicles for study. Each section of the lesson will focus on one of these components, present the theory, and then give the student an opportunity to apply the theory or explore some of its ramifications. The lesson is designed to be comprehensive enough to be assigned without supporting textual assignment or classroom attention to the subject.

Covenants, Equitable Servitudes and Restrictions 2: Determining the Validity and Scope

This lesson is designed to assist the first year Property student with analyzing the numerous potential questions arising when one encounters a real covenant or equitable servitude. The lesson addresses the questions of what might make a validly created covenant or equitable servitude invalid or unenforceable and what factors influence whether a restriction applies to offending conduct.