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Business Associations

Delaware's Judicial Review of Board Action in Transactions Involving Corporate Control II: REVLON and BLASIUS

This lesson will familiarize students with the "Revlon" and "Blasius" doctrines, standards of judicial review under Delaware law. The Revlon doctrine applies to board actions taken when a change of control or sale of the corporation is inevitable. The Blasius doctrine applies when a board has acted with the primary purpose of interfering with a shareholder vote.

The time to complete this lesson varies depending on whether you decide to complete the section entitled "Review of Delaware law."

Employer and Employee Relationships

This lesson examines the creation of the master/servant relationship in agency law and contrasts that relationship with the status of independent contractor. The lesson provides an opportunity to think about why the distinction is important and how to tell whether a given relationship rises to the level of being a master/servant relationship or is merely an independent contractor relationship.

Issuance of Shares - Part I

This lesson focuses on basic concepts and terminology and addresses issues contained in what are called the legal capital provisions of corporate codes. You will encounter equity capitalization, par value, capital, capital surplus and earned surplus accounts in a balance sheet.