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Business Associations

Issuance of Shares - Part III

This lesson is the FINAL lesson in a FIVE part series dealing with the ways a corporation is financed, that is, the ways in which a company raises money to pay for its ongoing operations. BEFORE beginning this lesson, you should have completed ALL of the previous lessons and have mastered the concepts introduced in each of the previous lessons. This lesson builds on those earlier lessons. The FIRST lesson in the series is called Types of Securities, Corp27L.

Judicial Review of Directors' Conflicting Interest Transactions

This lesson discusses judicial review of director's conflicting interest transactions under subchapter F of chapter 8 of the revised Model Business Corporation Act. The definition of "director's conflicting interest transaction" is not discussed; that is dealt with in a companion lesson, What is a Director's Conflicting Interest Transaction? The two lessons may be done in either order.

Partnership Dissociation

This lesson deals with the dissociation of partners under the Revised Uniform Partnership Act (RUPA). It discusses the events that result in dissociation under Section 601 of the RUPA, whether dissociation is wrongful or not, and touches on the consequences of wrongful dissociation.

This is the first of three lessons dealing with dissociation and dissolution under the RUPA. The second lesson in the series discusses the causes of partnership dissolution and the Article 7 buyout right for dissociated partners when the partnership is not dissolved. The second lesson also covers liability issues that arise after the dissociation of a partner. The third lesson in the series discusses the consequences of dissolution--the winding up process and the payment of partner accounts.

Partnership: Dissolution and the Article 7 Buyout Obligation

This lesson discusses the causes of dissolution of partnerships and the Article 7 buyout right under the Revised Uniform Partnership Act (RUPA). It also discusses the liability of a dissociated partner for partnership obligations and the liability of the partnership for the post-dissociation actions of the partner. This lesson does not deal with the causes of a partner's dissociation under Section 601 of the RUPA, except as necessary to a discussion of dissolution. Dissociation is dealt with in a separate lesson.

Partnership: Winding Up, Partnership Accounts, and Distribution of Profits and Losses

This is an introduction to the sharing of profits and losses by partners in a general partnership. The lesson has three parts: (1) a general introduction to the default rules concerning how partners share profits and losses; (2) a discussion of partnership accounts; and (3) a discussion of the distribution rules applicable when a partnership is dissolved and its business is wound up.