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Equitable Protection of Restitution: The Constructive Trust and Equitable Lien

This lesson will cover two of the most powerful equitable remedies, the Constructive Trust and the Equitable Lien. This lesson is intended to supplement your classroom study of these remedial tools, and to explore their utility more deeply. Another lesson, "Equitable Protection of Restitution: The Accounting for Profits," is recommended. Taken together, students will learn when each form of relief is available, the advantages and disadvantages that each form offers and, when the choice is available, the strategic implications of choosing one form over another.

Equitable Remedies - An Overview

This exercise gives a basic overview of the types of equitable remedies. You need not have read any particular materials or taken any particular law school courses in order to complete the tutorial. It can be used to provide background in your courses where equity is especially relevant or to review the types of equitable remedies for use in a remedies course.

Fundamentals of Damages for Harms to Personal Property

This lesson serves as background and foundation for other lessons on damages for harms to personal property. It deals with general principles and basic measures of damages recoverable for harms to personal property. The lessons on harms to possessory interests, harms to integrity interests and harms to the interest in use and enjoyment of personal property all will delve more deeply into the intricacies of damages law in this area.

Injunctions Against Civil Litigation

This lesson focuses on injunctions against litigation. This issue arises in several different contexts, including intra-jurisdictional state court injunctions, state court injunctions against litigation in other states, state court injunctions against federal litigation, and federal court injunctions against state litigation. The lesson is intended for students who have studied these topics in class and wish to refine and enhance their knowledge.

Injunctions Against Speech I [Judicial Orders (frequently Injunctions) & Speech]

This lesson focuses on issues relating to injunctions against speech.  It is designed for students who have studied these issues in class, and who have a strong working knowledge of the material, but who wish to further refine and develop their understanding.  This lesson has 12 main questions (and a number of subparts).

Injunctions Against Speech II

This is the second lesson involving injunctions against speech. The first lesson focused on various aspects of injunctions against speech including injunctions against defamation, obscenity and related to national security. In this lesson, we focus on some issues that arise in relation to injunctions against civil rights demonstrations including abortion and civil rights protests. Much of the law that governs these issues is basic constitutional law.