Scott J. Burnham

Scott J. Burnham spent most of his long career at The University of Montana and Gonzaga School of Law, where he was the Curley Professor of Commercial Law. He taught in the areas of contracts, commercial law, and intellectual property. Professor Burnham received his J.D. and LL.M. degrees from New York University School of Law in 1974 and 1981. Between degrees, he practiced in New York City with a distinguished firm and after its dissolution continued as a sole practitioner. He has been a visiting professor at Santa Clara, Tennessee, Western New England, Memphis, UNLV, Hawaii, Ohio State, Cardozo, Vytautas Magnus (Lithuania) and SWUPL (Chongqing, China). Under the auspices of Fulbright, he taught at Montevideo (Uruguay) and Can Tho (Vietnam). He is the author of numerous law review articles in the fields of contracts, consumer law and legal education. Among his books are Contract Law for Dummies (Wiley) and Drafting and Analyzing Contracts: A Guide to the Practical Application of the Principles of Contract Law (4th ed. Carolina Academic Press). He is a past President of CALI and a member of the ALI. You can reach him at scottjburnham at

CALI Lessons

Lesson Title CALI Topic(s)
Exploring Article 2
Fraud and Misrepresentation
Illegal Promises
Implied Terms
Installment Contracts
An Introduction to Contract Remedies
ITT v LTX. An Interactive Exploration of UCC Article 2
Lack of Capacity
Liquidated Damages
Misunderstanding and Mistake
Overview and Sources of Contract Law
The Parol Evidence Rule PodCast
The Parol Evidence Rule
Promises, Conditions, Warranties, and Representations
Reliance Damages