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Professional Responsibility

Model Rules of Professional Conduct I: Preliminary Drill

This is an introduction to the black-letter rules of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. It is a linear question-and-answer drill. Students are asked short questions and given immediate feedback. This drill is intended to serve as preparation for the level II exercise, Questions and Problems, described below. (This exercise is a new exercise that is completely different from the drill exercise offered in previous years. The earlier drill exercise has been revised and is being offered as the Questions and Problems exercise, below.)

Model Rules of Professional Conduct II: Questions and Problems

This lesson presents students with hypothetical factual situations and asks whether certain conduct would violate the Code. The is a branching tutorial and includes follow-up questions, dialogue, and new questions based upon changes in the original hypotheticals. The Preliminary Drill exercise, above, is intended to serve as preparation for this exercise, though students could also prepare for it by reading the Model Rules and taking notes. Students should have a copy of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct with them when doing this lesson.

Sources of Law Regulating the Practice of Law

Attorneys must conform their conduct to a wide range of rules drawn from a variety of sources. This program is designed to review these sources of law governing attorney conduct. This program is divided into three sections: exploring rules of discipline, sources of civil and criminal liabilities, and sources of control by courts and administrative tribunals. The lesson assumes some basic familiarity with common materials of study in the professional responsibility course and are best used as an adjunct to course study or a review.