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Legal Research

Preparing for Trial

This lesson is designed to familiarize law students with legal materials that can be used when preparing for litigation. Rather than creating from scratch many of the documents needed in preparing for a trial, it is much more efficient to find sample documents that can help guide you. Students will be introduced to the various sources that attorneys turn to, including sample forms, pleadings, interrogatories, and other useful resources.

Print Looseleafs, E- Looseleafs and Subject Specific Resource Centers (SSRC's)

This CALI lesson will describe the history and content of legal looseleaf services, briefly review print format, and focus on e-looseleaf formats and the development of subject specific resource centers. Students will use a hypothetical to explore the various finding tools available in both: (1) BNA Environment Reporter and (2) BNA Environment and Safety Resource Center on Bloomberg BNA Premier. Students will also explore Thomson Reuters RIA Checkpoint.