Alternatives to Course Management Software Webinar

Sarah Glassmeyer, Reference Librarian at the University of Kentucky, will cover free alternatives to course management software such as wikis and blogs in this coming Friday's webinar.

Follow the link below to reserve your seat today if you have not already:

Friday, Sep 18, 3 EDT:
Free Alternatives to Course Management Software (Blogs and Wikis)

Access CALI Lessons For 6 Months After Graduation

Because of the tight job market, many CALI member schools have asked us if their recent grads can continue to access CALI Lessons to keep skills sharp.

We are happy to announce that CALI will, by default, extend CALI Lesson access for at least six months after students at member schools have graduated.

To access CALI Lessons, recent grads can simply login at using the same CALI account they used while in school.

Plagiarism & Punctuation/Grammar Lessons: Great First Assignments for New Students

Plagiarism and Punctuation and Grammar: at every school these are basic issues that absolutely must be addressed for your new students. But there is only so much in-class time to devote to these issues.

We highly recommend school administrators, faculty, and students take a look at CALI's Plagiarism Lesson by Prof. Rebecca Trammell and Punctuation and Grammar, Basic and Advanced, Lessons by Prof. Wayne Sheiss.

Upcoming Webinars:Twitter in Law School

We have two guest presenters for upcoming webinars on law school professionals' use of Twitter.

1) Friday, August 7, 3 PM Eastern

Twitter from a Law School Communications Professional's Perspective - Tonya Oaks Smith (@marleysmom), Director of Communications at the UALR Bowen School of Law (@bowenlaw). More details...

Reserve your seat at this webinar now.