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Basic Future Interests

Basic Future Interests is a follow-up tutorial exercise to The Estate System. It deals with the two major classes of future interests, those retained by transferors and those created in third persons. Emphasis is given to distinguishing among the various kinds of vested remainders and contingent remainders, as well as to distinguishing between remainders and executory interests. The lesson also provides the primary treatment of the defeasible fee simple estates, with emphasis on the future interests that tailor them.

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Future Interest Rules

This lesson reviews the key aspects of the Merger Rule, the Rule in Shelley's Case and the Doctrine of Worthier Title. These three rules transform future interests in certain types of conveyances and should be learned after one has mastered the classification of estates and future interests and before one studies the Rule Against Perpetuities.

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Rule Against Perpetuities 2: Reforms - Cy Pres and Wait-and-See Doctrines

This lesson's overall plan is to introduce students to the basic principles involved with two common modifications to the common law Rule Against Perpetuities: Wait-and-See and Cy Pres. The exercise assumes the student is familiar with Possessory Estates, Future Interests, and the common law Rule Against Perpetuities; it is suggested students work through those exercises first.