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Property Law

Landlord and Tenant: Tenancy at Sufferance (Holdover Tenants)

This lesson in landlord-tenant law addresses the tenancy at sufferance, also known as the estate at sufferance. A tenant at sufferance is also known as a holdover tenant. Topics include: creation of the tenancy at sufferance by express and implied agreement; the liability of the tenant at sufferance for rent and other obligations; and the landlord's choices in treating the tenant at sufferance as a trespasser or as a tenant for a new term.

Landlord and Tenant: Tenancy at Will

This tutorial in landlord-tenant law addresses the tenancy at will, also known as the estate at will. Topics include creation of the tenancy at will by express agreement, creation by implication, and termination of the tenancy at will by notice. Hybrid transactions in which one or both parties relinquish or modify their right to terminate at any moment are also considered.

Landlord and Tenant: Tenancy for Years

This lesson in landlord-tenant law covers the tenancy for years, also known as the estate for years, term for years, or term of years. The following topics are addressed: limits on the parties' choice as to duration of the term; the requirement that the term have a definite ending date; treatment of a lease to commence in the future; termination of the tenancy for years; and the use of renewal options and terms.

Licenses Contrasted: Easements by Estoppel

This lesson examines the law of licenses, specifically as that law intersects the law of easements. The lesson first defines licenses and contrasts that definition with the definition of easements. It then explores the circumstances in which a license, normally revocable, becomes irrevocable and explains that an irrevocable license essentially gives the parties the same rights and duties as an easement would.

Life Estate

This lesson will examine the life estate, the shortest freehold estate in land recognized by Anglo-American law. This lesson covers: the definition of the life estate; how the life estate is created along with associated problems; and legal characteristics of the life estate, including the complex legal relationship of the owner of a life estate to the holders of future interests in the land following the life estate.

Prescriptive Easements

This exercise introduces one of the most significant vehicles for acquisition of an easement without the agreement of the servient landowner. Prescriptive Easements (also known as Easements by Prescription) arise out of open, notorious, adverse and continuous use of another person's land for the statutorily determined period of time. Through this use, a person essentially "adversely possesses" an easement over another's land. This tutorial introduces the user to the significant hurdles that face a claimant of an easement by prescription.

Problems in Property Law Series I

This series of three lessons consists chiefly of hypothetical factual situations designed to reinforce the student’s skills in applying the major principles and precepts of basic property law. The student is expected to determine the correct answers by reasoning from hypothetical facts through the applicable precepts and principles, rather than merely being able to identify the rules that apply. The program responds to student answers by suggesting, in windows on the screen, reasons which make the correct answers correct and the wrong answers incorrect.