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Map of CALI's US State Coverage

  • This Subject Area Index lists all CALI lessons covering Legal Research by State.
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Legal Research by State

Researching California Ballot Measures

This CALI lesson will instruct students about issues associated with California ballot measures including locating documents, identifying legislative intent, and examining legal challenges.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Define the terms ballot measure, ballot pamphlet, initiative, and referendum.
2. List the three types of ballot measures in California.
3. Describe the lifecycle of a ballot measure.
4. Research, analyze and correctly interpret a ballot measure.

South Dakota Primary and Secondary Legal Research

This lesson will familiarize you with primary and secondary sources available in South Dakota. It covers South Dakota primary law including the South Dakota Constitution, statutes, legislative history, municipal codes, administrative law, and court decisions. The secondary sources section of the lesson provides a general overview of secondary sources and how you can use them in your research as well as coverage of South Dakota specific secondary sources.

Tennessee Primary Sources

This CALI lesson will introduce you to Tennessee primary sources. As an overview of these materials this lesson will not describe any one resource in great depth. CALI lessons describing statutes, cases, digests, etc. are a great resource for learning more about individual authorities. This lesson is intended primarily for first year law students.

Tennessee Secondary Resources

This lesson is intended to familiarize the reader with Tennessee legal research materials and will focus on Tennessee secondary authorities. You will learn about finding aids for researching secondary authorities and explore both hard cover and online tools to access secondary source materials.

Texas Primary Resources

This lesson is intended to familiarize the reader with Texas legal research and will focus on Texas' primary legal sources: constitution, statutes, legislative history, local legislation, court cases and administrative law. The major finding tools and their various types of updating methods are also explained.