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Map of CALI's US State Coverage

  • This Subject Area Index lists all CALI lessons covering Legal Research by State.
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Legal Research by State

Nebraska Secondary Resources

This lesson covers Nebraska secondary legal materials. As you work your way through this lesson, you will discover the role secondary resources play in the legal research process and develop the skills required to find relevant secondary materials. A number of specific Nebraska secondary resources will be discussed throughout the lesson.

New York Primary Legal Research

This lesson is intended to acquaint students with basic information regarding sources of primary law in New York state: case law, statutes and regulations. It can be used to supplement instruction in introductory Research and Writing courses or as a freestanding introduction to doing New York legal research.

North Carolina Legal Research: Primary Source Material

This lesson on North Carolina primary legal research materials will provide an introduction on how to locate North Carolina legal materials including North Carolina constitutional provisions, statutes, case law, regulations, and municipal provisions. In addition to discussing how to locate these materials in print, we will also discuss how to locate them in the major databases and free and low cost databases.

North Carolina Secondary Research

This lesson is designed to give a basic overview of secondary sources used in North Carolina legal research. Secondary resources are commentary on the law written by legal professionals or legal publishers. They are useful for finding background information and citations to primary resources, but it is important to remember that secondary resources are not the law.

North Dakota Primary and Secondary Legal Research

This lesson will familiarize you with primary and secondary sources available in North Dakota. It covers North Dakota primary law including the North Dakota Constitution, statutes, legislative history, municipal codes, administrative law and court decisions. The secondary sources section of the lesson provides a general overview of secondary sources and how you can use them in your research as well as coverage of North Dakota specific secondary sources.

Oklahoma Legal Research - Secondary Sources

This lesson will introduce you to important secondary sources for Oklahoma legal research and help you develop strategies for using secondary sources to research Oklahoma legal questions. This lesson is intended to supplement the CALI Lesson on Oklahoma primary sources. In addition to the important Oklahoma secondary sources covered in this lesson, researchers should also be aware of secondary resources that are not Oklahoma specific. For information on secondary resources generally, see the CALI Lesson "Introduction to Secondary Resources."