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Map of CALI's US State Coverage

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Legal Research by State

Texas Primary Resources

This lesson is intended to familiarize the reader with Texas legal research and will focus on Texas' primary legal sources: constitution, statutes, legislative history, local legislation, court cases and administrative law. The major finding tools and their various types of updating methods are also explained.

Texas Secondary Resources

This lesson covers secondary resources useful for Texas-specific research including the state legal encyclopedia, state treatises, state practice materials, state form books, and state legal periodicals. Popular resources such as Texas Jurisprudence III and Dorsaneo's will be covered. This lesson also contains information on searching Texas library catalogs and research guides.

Wisconsin Legal Research - Primary Resources

This lesson will introduce you to primary legal materials in Wisconsin. You will learn how to locate Wisconsin constitutional provisions, state statutes, case opinions, and regulations using both print and electronic resources.

Learning Outcomes
On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Define primary legal materials.
2. Describe where primary resources are located, whether in print or electronically.
3. Explain the structure of the Wisconsin Court system.
4. Distinguish Administrative law from judicial decisions.