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1L - First Year Lesson Topics

Rule Against Perpetuities PodCast

Professors Brown and Grohman offer tips for mastering this complicated doctrine and explain the real-world reasons why students and attorneys need to understand the rule against perpetuities. This podcast discusses material covered in greater depth in Prof. Grohman's related lessons:

  • Rule Against Perpetuities 1: Common Law Rule Against Perpetuities
  • Rule Against Perpetuities 2: Reforms - Cy Pres and Wait-and-See Doctrines
  • Rule Against Perpetuities 3: Reforms - Uniform Statutory Rule Against Perpetuities

Rule Against Perpetuities 2: Reforms - Cy Pres and Wait-and-See Doctrines

This lesson's overall plan is to introduce students to the basic principles involved with two common modifications to the common law Rule Against Perpetuities: Wait-and-See and Cy Pres. The exercise assumes the student is familiar with Possessory Estates, Future Interests, and the common law Rule Against Perpetuities; it is suggested students work through those exercises first.

Rulemaking: Federal Register and CFR

This exercise will introduce you to the quasi-legislative process known as rulemaking. It will familiarize you with the publication system and with the sources you will access to research regulations. The exercise includes several images of Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations pages, and links to regulatory information on the Government Printing Office's homepage.

The Seal

This lesson assumes students are familiar with the requirement of consideration. This exercise covers one of the exceptions to this general rule. Historically, one situation where consideration was not required to create a binding contract was when the promise was made "under seal." The lesson explains the history of "the seal" and the seal's role in contract law today.


This is a lesson dealing with the basic justification defense of self-defense. Understanding the basics of self-defense is essential to understanding many or all of the justification defenses. The purpose of this lesson is to present very simply the elements of self-defense.