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1L - First Year Lesson Topics

Statutes Dispensing With Consideration

This lesson assumes you are familiar with the requirement of consideration and the rule that past consideration is not good consideration. Ordinarily, a promise is legally binding only if that promise is supported by a consideration. As the student may recall, "past consideration" is a misnomer. If a party makes a promise to pay for a benefit previously conferred, there is no consideration for the promise because the benefit was not bargained for in exchange for the promise. This lesson covers one of the exceptions to this general rule.

Statutory Interpretation

This lesson introduces the student to the doctrine and processes involved in interpreting state and federal statutes.  Statutes are a critical part of every substantive area of the law, so this is important background for every student, legal professional, lawyer and judge.

Strict Liability: Abnormally Dangerous and Ultrahazardous Activities

Strict liability for dangerous activities began with the English case of Rylands v. Fletcher. The First Restatement and the Second Restatement both contained provisions for a similar form of such strict liability and such liability is widely recognized in the United States. This lesson explains and uses examples to explain and then compare and contrast those different theories. In addition, this lesson covers the basic limitations on that form of strict liability.

Subject Specific Treatises

This lesson introduces students to Subject Specific Treatises, a type of secondary source helpful for conducting legal research. Students will learn the type of information contained in Subject Specific Treatises, where to find and how to update them, as well as under which circumstances they are particularly useful to the legal research process.