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1L - First Year Lesson Topics


This lesson teaches and reviews the concept of venue, both generally and under federal law. There is also a brief discussion of venue under state law and common law.

Learning outcomes
On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Analyze venue in federal court using the general federal venue statute.
2. Explain some common special situations in which the general statute does not provide the answer.
3. Explain that the analysis of venue statutes other than the general venue statute may be unexpected and require creative arguments.


A contract can contain many different types of promises, made up of both express and implied terms. Express and implied warranty terms are the subject of this lesson. For instance, when parties contract for the sale of goods, they have certain expectations about the goods to be sold. These expectations form the basis of warranties that arise under U.C.C. Article 2. That is, what has the seller agreed to sell?